Cricket World Cup Final

Cricket World Cup Final: England men are aiming to win the Cricket World Cup Final 2019 for the first time when they face New Zealand at Lord’s on Sunday. Check all of the main tournament, Ball to Ball perfrom and More.

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Cricket World Cup Final 2019
Team : England vs New Zealand
Date : Sunday, July 14, 2019
Start Time : 5:30 Pm ET

The Black Caps play in a Cricket World Cup final (!) against England at 9.30pm tonight. Niall Anderson runs through all you need to know – well, at least most of what you need to know – about the clash.

Well, they made it, huh? The Black Caps are in a World Cup final. They could make history! And we won’t have to read this laboured preview format anymore! What a time to be alive.

Um, excuse me, I may be sleep-deprived and on the brink of insanity, but I’m still here you know. But, well, yes – we’re at the finish line people, after nine games and one washout, and over six weeks of cricket, it’s time for the Cricket World Cup final. New Zealand v England. At Lord’s. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Their semifinal win over India was truly stunning, perhaps not strictly due to the result – there was always a 25-30 per cent chance or so that New Zealand could win – but by the bizarre two-day nature of the clash, and by the fact that most fans had resigned themselves to a loss after the first day.

Could we see similar scenes in the final?

Well, we could see similarly favourable conditions for the Black Caps, but England are an even more dangerous batting lineup than India, capable of causing utter destruction every time they come out to bat. The Black Caps saw that in their group game in Durham, where they were at 194-1 after 30 overs, but the excellent batting conditions which were on show in the first part of that innings are unlikely to present themselves at Lord’s.

Lord’s is not traditionally a high-scoring ground, and we saw Australia and New Zealand struggle at the venue recently. Also, the wicket revealed the day before the game was rather green, and although that’s expected to fade slightly before the first ball, the expected overcast conditions could help New Zealand’s seam bowlers. More chance of a low scoring game = more chance of a Black Caps victory?